Second annual conference „Investments and construction of office and corporate buildings“

Investment activity in the office segment of the Bulgarian market is definitely present.
The high demand for quality office space, particularly from technology and outsourcing companies, the shortage in supply and the stabilization of rental rates provide a basis for the launch of many new office projects in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria. However, what should modern office buildings be like - what needs should they serve and what requirements they should they meet to be sustainable and successful in the market
on the long run?

Get to know the latest trends in planning, design, construction and management of office buildings from the leading professionals related to the implementation of the largest current office projects: Expo 2000 Phase 4, Garitage Park, Capital Fort, BSR Sofia, Long Tower (Infinity Tower Building B ), Grafix, Trade Center Europe, Smart Center, Sofia Airport Center, City Tower and others.

Second annual conference „Investments and construction of office and corporate buildings,“ part of the Building Innovation Forum Series 2016, provides the leading professionals in the sector (investors, consultants, architects, designers, engineers, suppliers of building technologies and materials, facility managers and users) a platform to discuss and summarize trends and important aspects in the implementation of successful office buildings.

The highlights of the program in 2016 were:

• Investments in office and corporate buildings: projects 2016
• How does the market’s development influenced the design of modern office buildings in 2016?
• Who are the users of office buildings in Bulgaria and what are their needs and requirements?
• Making long-term value of office buildings through the use of quality materials and innovative technological solutions
• Improving the quality of working environment, energy efficiency and optimization of operating costs through intelligent building solutions. Facility management of office buildings
• How to create functional, modern and sustainable office buildings? What challenges the leading architects face
• Facade engineering and its integration to the general process of planning and realization of office buildings - trends 2016

Gallery of the event